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0002 - Day 100 - in broad daylight - The Eiffel Tower, Paris
PANEL 1: We see the Eiffel Tower, specifically the walkway area of the tower's first floor. A metal fence stops people from falling off the iron tower, while allowing them a full view of the city.
PANEL 2: Closer on the wire mesh, we see the figure of a person behind it.
JOURNAL ENTRY: I remember the last time I was here.
PANEL 3: Even closer, we see the sole figure on the first floor of the Eiffel Tower is looking through one of the observation telescopes.
JOURNAL ENTRY: I felt like an ant in the largest ant farm in the world.
PANEL 4: The figure looks up from the telescope. She's a caucasian woman, a little tanned, of average height, probably in her early twenties. Her dark red hair is shaved into a mohawk that comes together into a pony tail at the back. She's wearing a dark purple hoodie, a light purple shirt, and black-rimmed glasses. She looks sad.
JOURNAL ENTRY: I felt so small.
PANEL 5: Just the telescope, with the woman no longer behind it.
JOURNAL ENTRY: How can there be nobody?

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